Account Management

Is your Amazon brand struggling with?

  1. A comprehensive Amazon brand strategy
  2. Strong creative to communicate your brand story and unique selling proposition
  3. Poor product listing optimization resulting in low viewability and conversion rate
  4. No product expansion and diversification
  5. Reputation management & customer engagement
  6. Brand Advocacy and Loyalty
  7. Sponsored Product Campaigns or PPC
  8. Return on Investment (ROI)

If your answer is “Yes!” to any of these, you are in right place and our Amazon Brand Management Services will help.

Amazon Brand Management Services

Building a brand on Amazon takes thoughtful strategy and expert execution.
Want to get to know us better? Here’s how we grow your Amazon brand.

Amazon Listing optimization to Improve Ranking

We use your brand identity to create highly engaging, authentic, and cohesive content that keeps buyers on your listings longer and converts traffic into sales.

  • Infographics to Explain Product, Usability, and Core Value Propositions
  • Product Listing Frontend/Backend Optimization
  • Keyword-Optimized Copywriting
  • Animated & Lifestyle Video
  • Product Variation Updates
  • Keywords Rank checking
  • Market Trends Analysis
  • Search term Optimizer
  • A+ Content/AB Testing
  • Platform Branding
  • Storefront setup
  • Title AB Testing

End to end Amazon Account Management Service

Along with ensuring that your brand story is consistent across your Amazon Product Listings, we protect your brand with end-to-end compliance and customer satisfaction.

  • Daily Reviews and Feedbacks Monitoring and Brand Management
  • Reimbursement & reconcile Cases/ Misc. Cases
  • Hijackers checking & infringement/C&D cases
  • Daily listings Overview (Frontend + Backend)
  • Returns & Refunds Management
  • Unauthorized Seller Reduction
  • Review requests to buyers
  • Product Packaging Inserts
  • Brand Registry Set-Up

Launch, Revive and Grow
your Amazon Brand